Water+ Fruit = Infruition 🙌

Hey everyone 👋,

TODAY. IS. THE. DAY! I have officially been attending a gym for 1 whole month 🙌 I know thats nothing to you gym bunnies🐰… but to me (someone that despised the word gym it means a lot! 💪) Along the way I’ve done many things to try keep me motivated… one of these was buying an Infruition bottle! 🍓 Fruit infused 🍓 waters are a little bit of a craze on Instagram at the moment & different infusions are said to have different effects on the body, ranging from increasing your metabolism to helping detox & cleanse your body.

They’re also a great way to help people that might not like the taste of water drink more water – the healthy way without the addition of sweeteners 🚫, which are usually added in supermarket bought fruity waters & plus nothing can compare to the freshness of having real pieces of fruit in your water to flavour it! This bottle has literally been my goto water bottle for the gym 🏋 ever since I bought it! Before I purchased this bottle I had one of those ‘instagram-worthy‘ VOSS water bottles and I made the mistake of filling it up, by which I mean squashing down, as many pieces of 🍋 lemon & lime as I could 👎 just like they do on Instagram…

Biggest. Mistake.

A few minutes on Google later I came across this bottle! Its got the perfect compartment for all the pieces of fruit 🍓🍇🍋🍉, which is so easy to clean & little holes mean no pieces of fruit can make their way into your mouth 👌


This is the packaging it comes in, it arrived perfectly with no dents 👌 ( I absolutely loathe receiving parcels that arrive with dents). I ordered the Sports edition as it comes with a handy handle – get it? haha (so sad kimmiee) this just makes it easier to carry around in the gym.


My current go-to infusion has to be Lemon & Lime 🍋, its such a nice refreshing infusion perfect for the gym, another nice infusion is 🍓 Strawberry & Lime but Strawberries & Kiwis I personally  didn’t like. They’ve also suggested a recipe on the side of the box (shown above) which I haven’t yet triedI’d love to try a recipe using cucumbers as they are so refreshing, if any of you know any infusion recipes that you’d recommend I’d love to try them out! Comment down below 👇

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Love, Kimmiee.


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