Greasy hair? Have no fear, Dry Shampoo is here

Hey guys 👋 I just wanted to write a super quick post about the dry shampoo I use, there isn't a lot to say about a dry shampoo 🤔 other than it comes to the rescue when your hair is fit for frying an egg 🍳 I remember the first time I heard about dry shampoos [...]

Coloured hair? You need this

Hey everyone 👋 so at the end of September I got a major major drastic change to my hair, even more drastic perhaps when I went from having bum-length hair to having a short shoulder length bob back 💇🏻 in April - if only I could have filmed 🎥 the reaction everyone had for you [...]

Ultimate Blends, the Ultimate Hair-Care Solution? 💁🏻

Hey y'all 👋, Today I'm gonna talk about my Shampoo & Conditioner: Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Sleek Restorer Now before these came into the market I was a firm believer of the TRESemmé range, which I do still love 💕, but ever since cutting my hair into a shoulder length lob✂️ I have needed something that [...]